” A fifth British legislator was charged on Wednesday with false accounting in relation to expense claims, Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service said.

Eric Illsley, a 55—year—old Labour Party lawmaker in the House of Commons, will face three such charges, director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer announced.

Four other legislators are facing similar charges ” three former Labour members of the House of Commons and a Conservative member of the House of Lords” following the exposure last year of expense abuses by hundreds of British lawmakers.

Legislators used taxpayers’ money to pay for everything from swank second homes to horse manure, pornographic movies and a mole catcher.

Mr. Illsley will appear on June 17 at a court hearing in London. He is alleged to have falsely claimed expense payments for taxes, repairs and insurance on a second home between 2005 and 2008.

“In total, the charges allege a sum in excess of 20,000 pounds ($28,500) was dishonestly claimed over this three year period,” Mr. Starmer said in a statement.

Mr. Illsley has been a lawmaker for a district in Barnsley, in northern England, since 1987. He was re—elected on May 6.

During the scandal, nine of then—Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s ministers quit, and dozens of lawmakers did not run for re—election following criticism of their claims.

All five legislators charged face possible jail time.

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