The U.S. President, Barack Obama and the Chinese Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao, made the cases for their countries at the Copenhagen Summit on Friday

The following are excerpts from speeches made by President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at the Copenhagen climate conference on Friday


“No matter what happens here in Copenhagen, we think it is good for us as well as good for the world. But we will all be stronger and all be safer and all be more secure if we act together.

“We are running short on time. And at this point the question is whether we will move forward together, or split apart, whether we prefer posturing to action.

“The time for talk is over. Here is the bottom line: We can embrace this accord, take a substantial step forward, and continue to refine it and build upon its foundation. ... Or we can choose delay, falling back into the same divisions that have stood in the way of action for years. And we will be back having the same stale arguments month after month, year after year, perhaps decade after decade, all while the danger of climate change grows until it is irreversible.

“We are ready to get this done today, but there has to be movement on all sides to recognise that it is better for us to act than to talk.''


“We still have 150 million people living below the poverty line, and we therefore face the arduous task of developing the economy and improving people's livelihood.

“Developed countries account for 80 per cent of the total global carbon dioxide emissions since the Industrial Revolution over 200 years ago. ... Developing countries only started industrialisation a few decades ago and many of their people still live in poverty today. It is totally unjustified to ask them to undertake emission reduction targets beyond their obligations and capabilities in disregard of historical responsibilities.

“One action is more useful than a dozen programmes. We should give people hope by taking credible actions.

“We will honour our word with real action. Whatever the outcome this conference may produce, we will be fully committed to achieving and even exceeding the target.''

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