Nitu Singh, the Nepali student at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) who was allegedly involved in anti-India activities and deported back to Nepal, is seeking divorce from her husband.

Ms. Singh’s father Ram Suresh Singh said his son-in-law Amaresh had not let Nitu meet her family members for a long time.

“Initially, he was good with us. Only later did we come to know that he hadn’t been letting Nitu meet us,” Mr. Singh told The Hindu over telephone.

“We were told that she finished her exams and was coming back to Nepal,” Mr. Singh said.

“We hadn’t seen her for the last two years, so we were excited to meet her. But we were shocked when we knew that our daughter had been deported under a criminal act.”

Ms. Singh was deported to Nepal in the first week of December for being “involved in anti-national activities,” although it has not been made clear what the activities were.

Mr. Singh said his daughter is suffering from severe headache and depression because of the episode. “She hasn’t got up from the bed since yesterday,” he said.

The Nepal government has not enquired about him or Ms. Singh so far, and since his daughter’s documents, including her citizenship card and passport, have been seized (by Amaresh’s bodyguards and the police, Mr. Singh claims), it has been difficult for him to file a case against Amaresh.

“But I will do it soon, I’m talking to lawyers,” Mr Singh said. About the divorce, he added: “Which father would want to let his daughter stay with someone who traps the daughter in a criminal act?”

Meanwhile, officials at the Foreign Ministry told The Hindu that they are finding out about the case, but are yet to say anything officially.

Two held with fake currency

The Nepal police have arrested two Pakistani nationals with fake Indian currency totalling Rs.25,44,500 and 3.7 kg of heroine from Kathmandu. The police said Mohammed Iqbal and Mohammed Sajjad, the Pakistani nationals, brought the money from Hazi Talad of Karachi. They also arrested Yunis Ansari, son of an ex-minister in Nepal, and his bodyguard.

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