Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” said his weeklong visit to China was important in improving relations between the two countries.

“It was an important visit in many ways strengthening two parties’ relation[s] as well as the relation[s] of the two countries,” said Mr. Dahal on Monday. He went there on a Communist Party of China’s invitation last week.

Mr. Dahal met Chinese President Hu Jintao, leaders of the party and government officials and discussed Nepal’s peace process and the process of constitution writing among other issues. Mr. Dahal said China was ready to help Nepal in these processes.

The Chinese side, he said, had security concerns about Tibet. The Tibetan refugees living in Nepal carry out frequent protests in Kathmandu demanding a free Tibet. Nepal maintains One-China policy and controls any anti-China activity that takes place here.

Meanwhile to a question about India’s reported dissatisfaction about his visit, the Maoist Chairman said India need not take the visit negatively as his party adopts the policy of maintaining “equidistance” with both China and India.

“If India invites us [Maoists] to discuss our peace process and the constitution-drafting task, we will certainly take it positively,” he said.

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