In what might be seen as a major concession at the climate talks, China has indicated that it might not seek a share in the funding flowing from developed countries to poor nations to reduce carbon emissions.

As the talks to hammer out an agreement to combat climate change reached its crucial second week, China’s vice foreign minister He Yafei said his country does not expect money from the rich countries.

He also slammed the developed nations, who he said were already prepared to lay the blame of any failure of the climate talks on China.

“Financial resources for efforts of developing countries (to combat climate change are) a legal obligation... That does not mean China will take a share -- probably not,” He said in an interview to Financial Times.

“We do not expect money will flow from the US, UK (and others) to China,” he said.

The US and China shared heated arguments over the issue of funds for sponsoring clean technologies in developing countries at the climate change summit here.

US negotiator Todd Stern said last week that China should not expect funding from the United States which should flow to poorer countries, prompting He to say that Stern either “lacks common sense” or is “extremely irresponsible“.

However, He stuck to the position that national mitigation targets announced by developing nations cannot be made “verifiable” as demanded by the developed countries.

“This is a matter of principle,” and China would not bend them, the paper quoted him as saying.