Three policemen deployed at Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif’s farmhouse on the outskirts of Lahore have been suspended for negligence after a cat devoured one of the peacocks kept there, according to a media report today.

A gardener found the peacock’s carcass on Tuesday on the lawns of Mr. Sharif’s house where the birds wander freely, a police official said. He said the incident was reported to Superintendent of Police Arshad who summoned the constables deployed in the house. Initially, Arshad denied the incident, saying some officials had been penalised for not being present for duty at the time.

One of the suspended constables, however, told The Express Tribune that 21 constables were summoned by the SP on Wednesday. “He said the constables said they were on duty but did not anticipate a cat eating the peacock at night,” according to the report.

The SP cleared 18 security personnel as they were not manning the lawn but issued formal orders of suspension to three police constables, who were on guard near the lawn where the bird was attacked, the paper said.

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