Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari and his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai are to hold talks called by Prime Minister David Cameron in London on Monday to discuss the Afghan peace process with the focus on preventing a Taliban resurgence after the withdrawal of western troops from Afghanistan next year.

The two leaders were due to meet Mr. Cameron over dinner at his country retreat Chequers on Sunday ahead of the talks which would also be attended by their Foreign Ministers and intelligence chiefs.

Downing Street said Monday’s “summit’’ would bring together key figures from both the political and security establishments of the two countries.

“Discussions are expected to focus on the Afghan-led peace process and how the Pakistanis and international community can support it. We also expect the Afghans and Pakistanis to make further progress on the Strategic Partnership Agreement they committed to in September,” said a spokesperson.

This would be the third round of trilateral talks in less than a year.

“This trilateral process sends a very clear message to the Taliban: now is the time for everyone to participate in a peaceful political process in Afghanistan,” said Downing Street.