The Ramayana is a good lesson for good governance, British Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

Speaking at a Diwali party hosted by him at his official residence, 10 Downing Street, on Monday night, Mr. Cameron said: “In the epic Ramayana, we are looking at how we give people protection, affection and correction.”

Good lesson

“And I think that is a good lesson, because that is what good government should try to do and that is what we should try to do in this country [Britain].” Referring to Diwali, Mr. Cameron said: “The story of how we are lighting the way home for Lord Ram is rather more spiritual than our bonfire night [Guy Fawkes Day].”

Fawkes was the man who plotted to blow up the Palace of Westminster — the British Parliament.

But he added: “There is perhaps a little similarity as we are celebrating the triumph of good over evil.”

Mr. Cameron began his speech by congratulating the Indian High Commissioner to Britain, Jaimini Bhagwati, who was present at the function, on the Indian cricket team’s victory over England in the 1st testfirst test at Ahmedabad the same day.

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