This week’s attack on a car carrying Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, has prompted British police to launch an internal review of their security procedures, reported The Times on Saturday.

The heir to the British throne and his wife were attacked on Thursday as they were being driven to a theatre amidst hordes of students demonstrating in central London against planned tuition hikes. The two were shaken, but unharmed, after the incident.

However, police are now questioning if they should be able to use more force in the future, with options including water cannons and rubber bullets. Those options would be on the table if this week’s student protests resume in 2011, as is expected.

Earlier reports had said protesters had pelted the royal Rolls Royce with paint and rubbish, while others tried to smash in the car doors. The Times cited a new source on Saturday saying Camilla had been struck in the ribs when a protester stuck a stick through an open window.

The report also said that security agents were minutes away from opening fire on the protesters. However, the car managed to escape before it came to that.

Scotland Yard has already promised a review of procedures that led the couple’s car through a route near the protesting. Prime Minister David Cameron has called for those who attacked the car to be prosecuted.

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