Folley stabbed victim to death on Christmas night

A supporter of the far-right racist British National Party (BNP), who kept a collection of knives including a swastika-embossed dagger, was on Thursday jailed for life for killing a man of Indian- origin who mistakenly ended up outside his front door on Christmas night after losing his way.

Inderjit Singh (36), known as “Raj” to friends, was attacked by David Folley (35) who slit his throat with a knife after flying into a rage when he saw Singh sitting on his landing.

“The confused victim, described as a ‘quiet, calm, gentle, fun-loving man' was looking for a friend's address, but ended up outside Folley's front door in Bedford and was stabbed to death on the landing,” the Daily Mail reported.

Foley had put a sign outside his front door warning: “Danger of Death. Keep Out.”

Police seized BNP literature, three crossbows and a variety of weapons, including a dagger and rifle, from his flat.

Sentencing him, the judge said: “Mr. Singh had lost his way that evening, having come from a late-night carol service at his local church and tragically he ended up on your landing, somewhat the worse for wear. He settled himself down and was drinking from a bottle of whisky and you, yourself were clearly intoxicated and plainly annoyed by Mr Singh's presence on your landing. You saw it as someone invading your territory. You worked yourself up into a rage, took a knife from your kitchen, and the drunk Mr. Singh, helpless and vulnerable stood no chance. You sliced his throat open as if you were killing an animal. It is plain to me you are a dangerous man. He posed absolutely no threat to you.”

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