The man being tried for the murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve has said he feels no remorse for his action. Kiaran Stapleton (21) told a psychiatrist after his arrest that he would be “lying” if he said he was sorry.

“If I said I was sorry, I would be telling a lie,” he told Nigel Eastman, a forensic psychiatrist. Giving evidence at the Manchester Crown Court, Prof. Eastman said Stapleton had a “very substantial lack of ability to feel what other people feel.”

“I don’t think he has got any real feeling for what he’s done, he’s sorry for his own situation rather than the victim’s,” he said.

Stapleton, who calls himself “Psycho Stapleton”, has pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder but admitted to the lesser offence of manslaughter on account of “diminished responsibility”.

Bidve (23), a postgraduate student of Lancaster University, was holidaying in Salford, Manchester, with his friends last year when in the early hours of December 26 the group was accosted by two white men in their 20s. One of them, later identified as Stapleton, shot him in the head at close range without any provocation. Bidve later died in hospital.

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