The MP from North-East Somerset is liaising with the Foreign Office to ensure the return of two Bristol-based plane spotters who were detained in a hotel near the international airport in New Delhi last week.

Stephen Hampton and Steven Ayres were reportedly detained at the Radisson Hotel near the airport in Delhi when it was discovered that they were carrying an air traffic control scanner, laptop binoculars and cameras.

The two plane spotters reportedly asked for a room overlooking a runway.

Dan Norris, MP from North-East Somerset, who is liaising with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to try to bring the two home, said of Hampton: “His family are distraught, ever so anxious and worried, understandably, that he can come home soon“.

He added: “My job is to try and make that happen with the support of the Foreign Office and our diplomats and officials.

“Hampton’s mother, Eileen Cock, said he had travelled all over the world photographing aircraft and added that the scanning kit he was carrying was used to track incoming aircraft so they could photograph them at the best moment.

Cock told the BBC she believed her son was now at a deportation centre in New Delhi.

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