Acknowledging that the UN peace missions have become “softer target” for terrorists, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday asked the member countries to provide additional funding to beef up security for its employees working in conflict zones.

“I have requested additional funding to augment the security and safety capacity of the United Nations premises and staff. It is absolutely necessary at this time,” Mr. Ban said.

The statement came after six workers of the world body were killed in a bomb attack at a UN guest house in Kabul on Wednesday. Earlier, the UN lost five staff members in a terrorist attack against the World Food Program office in Islamabad.

This year, not counting peacekeepers, 27 civilian staffers have been killed-more than half in Afghanistan and Pakistan, he said.

Mr. Ban has appealed both to the Security Council and General Assembly to allocate resources to better protect UN workers.

“I am very much encouraged by the unreserved support and cooperation of the member states. They said that they will positively consider my additional budgetary support,” he said.

“This is not only budgetary support - we need political, moral, logistical and financial support,” he added.

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