At a time when governments and media around the world are abuzz with the revelations made in secret U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, the Pakistan Prime Minister’s office does not appear to be sure about the name of the whistle-blowing website.

A statement issued by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s office on his meeting with U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter made two references to “vikilikes”, describing it as “misleading” and “malicious”.

Ironically, the disclosures made by WikiLeaks figured prominently in the meeting between Mr. Gilani and the U.S. envoy.

“While commenting on the misleading vikilikes, the Prime Minister mentioned that the government of Pakistan has already released its reaction on the subject and would ensure that Pakistan’s national interests would not be compromised by such mischief in any manner,” the statement said.

The following paragraph in the statement read: “The U.S. Ambassador stated that the malicious vikilikes will not have any effect on the strong strategic partnership between Pakistan and the U.S., as both sides were resolute to address the misperceptions in the interest of long term cordial bilateral relations.”

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