A Sikh woman from Southall, the predominantly Indian west London suburb, has been charged with poisoning her ex-boyfriend and her lover by mixing a poisonous plant in chicken curry.

While Lakhvinder Cheema died within hours of eating the dish, his fiancée Gurjeet Chugh (21) survived after being in coma for two days.

The High Court in London was told that Lakhvir Singh (40), a mother of three, acted out of “jealousy” when she found out that Lakhvinder Cheema (39), with whom she had been in a relationship for 15 years, got engaged to another woman. According to the prosecution, Ms. Singh flew into a rage and first tried to “drive a wedge” between Cheema and his fiancée Gurjeet Chugh (21). She also allegedly threatened to burn down the couple’s house.

Within hours of eating the poisoned dish, Cheema was paralysed and later died in hospital. In his dying statement, he reportedly named Ms. Singh as the killer. Ms. Singh denied the allegations.