The former Sri Lankan Army Chief and parliamentarian, Sarath Fonseka, on Thursday said he expected to be jailed by the second court martial probing into the alleged irregularities in military purchases by the Army during his tenure as the Army Chief.

At a news conference inside the Parliament complex, he denounced his indictment by the first court martial as one-sided and vindictive and said he was being prosecuted by the Mahinda Rajapaksa government for contesting in the January presidential election.

“They have already made up their mind to put me in jail. But I am not worried as the whole process of the court martial is a sham. We would appeal against the first court martial in a higher court though we do not expect justice,” he said.

At his first press conference after the verdict of the first court martial which stripped him of his rank and honours, the former General said the court martial was a sham where even his counsel was not heard. “There is no transparency in the trail and the government has made the military a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.”

Asked if he was satisfied with the support of the main opposition the United National Party (UNP), he said the party could do more. He said the party would have to move beyond words to deeds if it expected meaningful cooperation with the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) led by him.

He came down on the former UNP leader and Minister, Jhonston Fernando, whose testimony before the first court martial led to his conviction. “There is foolproof evidence that Mr. Fernando had transported a cadre of the LTTE assigned to assassinate President Rajapaksa. Now he is being treated like a VVIP and all cases against him have been dropped.”

General (retired) Fonseka said there was lawlessness in the country and any one opposed to the regime was being victimised. He said in contrast a person like K. Pathmanathan who had campaigned for trans-national Eelam after the death of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran was being eulogised. “It would be no surprise if KP is made the Defence Secretary or the Additional Defence Secretary and three chiefs made to report to him.”


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