A group of four fringe parties in Maldives have come together to form a political alliance that will contest the next elections jointly in the unrest-hit country.

The fourth small parties announced they were forming an alliance that will field joint candidates in the upcoming elections and work towards restoring peace in the country.

The alliance comes at a time of when politics appears to be fractured in the country where the new government is struggling to find feet in the face of opposition from the supporters of ousted leader Mohamed Nasheed.

Known as ‘Independent Alliance’, the group said it would work to make the government answerable for the work it is doing and would make efforts to enhance peace in the country.

The alliance includes the Maldivian National Congress, Islamic Democratic Party, People’s Party and Maldivian Social Democratic Party.

Announcing their alliance this morning, representatives of the four parties said they would contest the coming elections jointly and will also put forth joint candidate for the next presidential election.

While these parties do not have any presence in the Parliament at present, the alliance may help consolidate their vote into a bloc.

Maldives is a tiny island nation with a population of a little over three lakh people. A total of 15 political parties are active in the country though only a handful of them dominate the political scene.

Mr. Nasheed was ousted from office last month and replaced by his then Vice President Mohamad Waheed, in what he claimed was a coup. The government denied his claims of a coup, even as protests gripped the country.

Under an India-brokered deal the new government agreed to hold early elections in line with Mr. Nasheed’s demand.

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