The US and NATO commander in Afghanistan, General Stan McChrystal believes the situation was “serious and deteriorating” in the war-torn country, a US lawmaker currently on a trip there has said apprehending a demand for a troop surge.

Senator Susan Collins, who received a “detailed briefing” from the US commander in Afghanistan wrote in her blog that she expected that an increase will be sought for troops in the country.

“Along with Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and their aides, the General provides us with a detailed briefing. He begins with his chilling assessment that the situation in Afghanistan is ‘serious and deteriorating’,” she said.

“It seems, however, pretty clear to me that he will be asking for more troops although he does not say that since he won’t pre-empt his report to the President. I have enormous respect for General McChyrstal but remain troubled by the prospect of deploying more troops,” Ms. Collins wrote on her blog.

The US General is currently making his assessment of the condition in Afghanistan and is soon expected to submit a report to the US President. It is widely expected that he would be recommending for more troops.

“I ask General McChrystal whether any of the Taliban are reconcilable since I have my doubts.

“In replying ‘yes,’ he makes an interesting distinction (as does General Nicholson the following day) between “Big T,” the Taliban leaders driven by extremist ideology and often from outside the region, versus “Little T,” the local day labourer who works for the Taliban simply for money,” Ms. Collins wrote.

Writing on the eve of the Afghan presidential election, Collins said Afghans widely perceive the US as backing Hamid Karzai in the election.

“To avoid fueling that perception three days before the election, our delegation decides not to meet with President Karzai,” she said.

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