The Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) on Wednesday condoled the death of Kanu Sanyal, founder of the naxalbari movement, and recalled his association with them.

The CPI said that earlier Kanu Sanyal was a leader of the party and of the Kisan movement in Darjeeling, but left as “we had sharp differences on the tactics of the naxalbari movement.” Yet there was no denying that its objective was to build a revolutionary peasant movement in the country against exploitation and oppressions.

Paying tributes to one of its founder-leaders, the CPI (ML) said Kanu Sanyal announced the formation of the party at a mass meeting held in Kolkata on May 1, 1969. “His political opinion underwent a change after the massive crackdown by the State and the subsequent setbacks suffered by the movement. He went on to denounce the very formation of the CPI (ML) as well as leaders like Charu Majumdar.”


Architect of naxalite movementMarch 23, 2010