Union Minister G.K. Vasan said on Saturday that the Congress would do better in the Lok Sabha elections than in the previous polls.

Speaking to reporters here before canvassing votes for party candidate V. Narayanasamy, Mr. Vasan said he had received inputs that the Congress had done well in the elections here so far. Opinion polls would be proved wrong.

As for Tamil Nadu, Congress candidates were received well by people in different places, so the polls would yield surprise results.

On Chief Minister N. Rangasamy aligning with the Bharatiya Janata Party in Puducherry, Mr. Vasan said a person claiming to be the follower of Kamaraj had joined hands with a party following communal and divisive politics. It was an opportunistic alliance and it went against the ideals and policies of a real Congressman. The people of Puducherry would never accept this.

Mr. Vasan said the Chief Minister, who was supposed to implement the schemes introduced by the erstwhile Congress government, had stalled all of them. Further, Mr. Rangasamy had not implemented the schemes introduced by him also.

This showed that he was an inefficient administrator. The Chief Minister should not comment about the Centre without admitting his own mistakes, he said.

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