A number of schools and colleges will be involved later

The Student Federation of India has planned a series of protests following the reduction in number of Government school and college buses plying in the Union Territory. The protests started off with one at Motilal Government Polytechnic in Lawspet on Wednesday.

In the past couple of weeks, there has been a drastic reduction in the number of Government school and college buses in operation. This has inconvenienced the students who come to the town from rural areas.

Students coming from Bahour and other remote areas are forced to use over-crowded buses, or they have to pay full fare for a ticket. Many of these students come from very poor backgrounds and cannot afford the additional expenses, Anand from the SFI said.

When the problems began last year the students approached the Government and services were improved briefly.

Now, despite an assurance from the Lieutenant Governor that there will be an increase in the number of buses, the situation seems to have gotten worse, he said.

There are plans to start a series of protests in a number of schools and colleges across Puducherry.

The Motilal Nehru Polytechnic is the first. Other Government colleges and rural schools will follow suit. The protests will continue until the services are improved.

Earlier this month, the SFI submitted a memorandum to various officials demanding that the bus services should be more conducive to the students.

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