The Pondicherry University management has decided to beef up the security in the women’s hostels following complaints of an unknown intruder entering into the hostel at night.

On Wednesday night, the students of all the women’s hostels and a few of the men’s hostels staged a protest to demand increased security. The issue was resolved when Vice Chancellor Chandra Krishnamurthy met and assured the students that there would be more patrolling around the hostels.

The University has also employed women security personnel inside the hostels. The bushes around the hostels will be cleared to ensure that people do take cover under tham, Mrs. Krishnamurthy said.

According to one of the students, the issue started when a few of the girls from the Kaveri hostel noticed a man with a torchlight peeping into the rooms.

On Monday, despite the female security guards being posted, the man was still seen, which resulted in the protest on Wednesday night.

“It is important that the authorities take steps to address the situation to make the students feel safe,” they said. Despite the fence and the barbed wires if someone is able to enter into the hostels, then the security system is obviously not working well enough.

Even the lights that have been installed are not halogen lights, and that means it is possible to enter the hostel in the dark without being seen by the security.

Unless stricter measures are in place, the students will not be safe, she said.

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