If you’re interested in the stars above, then this month is the best time to bring out your telescope and train them skywards.

In February, the skies are clearer and if it is possible to find a place where there is very little light pollution, there is a lot to see in the night sky, Astronomer from the Tamil Nadu Science Forum in Kalpakkam S. Parthasarathy said.

Whether you want to see Orion’s nebula, the position of Jupiter and Mars, or just look around for something interested, then this is the best month. The only problem is the weather, which tends to be nippy around this time, he said.

He was visiting Auroville’s botanical gardens as part of the Pondicherry Science Forum’s night sky watching workshop held here on Saturday.

Astronomy enthusiasts

Close to 50 enthusiasts arrived on the roof of the gardens to see the wonders of the night sky, which was guided by astronomers. For the session, the Science Forums organised two telescopes — one with automatic tracking and the other manual.

From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., people took turns to view various phenomenon in the night sky.

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