However it does not cite any reason for this

Following yearly inspection, the Medical Council of India has recommended that the government need not give approval to the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Research Institute to start their final year course.

Every year, before admitting students into the subsequent year, the MCI conducts an inspection of the college to ensure that they have adequate infrastructure and staff. For the past four years, the IGGMCRI has been asked to clarify a number of shortfalls, including the staff shortage as well as the lack of infrastructure.

The Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, which started in 2010, has now applied for approval to start the fifth and final year of the MBBS. Following their inspection, the MCI has written to the Government of India asking that they not approve the college for fifth year admissions. The communication between the MCI and the Government, which is available on the MCI website, however does not state any reason for this.

According to Director of the college P. Jayakumar, the college expected to receive a detailed report within the next week. The report would also be available on the MCI website. There had been no intimation of the issues that the MCI had seen during their inspection and only after the final report could any comment be made, he said.

In a similar case, the MCI had written to the college in 2012 seeking clarifications on some of the deficiencies that the college faced. The main problem listed at the time was a 36 per cent shortage of faculty and a 65 per cent shortage of residents.

According to sources, since then there had been a number of recruitments, but many of the staff had also left the college. The college would wait for the final report before responding to the Government, Dr. Jayakumar said.

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