A rare sight in summer, it cheers ayacutdars and Chennai residents

The Veeranam tank is just less than one foot short of attaining its full capacity owing to the recent spell of rain and the forethought of the authorities to bring water from the Lower Anicut through the Vadavar to the tank.

As the water level in the tank has reached almost its brim, it has brought cheers to the ayacutdars and Chennai residents. As the storage in the tank has reached a comfortable level it could sustain the 77 cusecs supply to Chennai to partly meet the metropolis’ drinking water requirements during the summer.

As on Monday, the water level in the tank stood at 46.15ft against the full capacity of 47.5ft. With the inflow pegged at 1,400 cusecs the tank is expected to get filled up soon.

It may be noted that to ensure uninterrupted water supply to Chennai the authorities had started releasing 5,200 cusecs from the Mettur Dam to the Coleroon and then to the Lower Anicut. From the Lower Anicut the feeder canal Vadavar is carrying water to the tank. The realisation at the Veeranam from this source had been in the order of 1,200 cusecs. With the good rainfall in the catchment areas the inflow into the tank rose to 1,400 cusecs on Monday.

The tank, a sprawling water expanse as it is, would replenish the groundwater to an appreciable extent. The farmers feel elated as it is a rare sight for them to see the tank full during summer months.

If the wet spell continues and if the Mettur Dam also gets its due share from Karnataka the seasonal water release could be possible in June as usual and it would certainly revive agriculture to its past glory in this tail-end delta region.

Ponds bone dry

However, president of the Kollidam — Keelanai Paasana Vivasayigal Sangham P. Vinayagamoorthy in a representation to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has sought the release of water from the Veeranam tank to fill up the ponds in the surrounding areas.

Mr. Vinayagamoorthy has stated that because of the deficit rainfall for the past two years the ponds and lakes in Cuddalore district have become dry. Hence, the villagers have been facing water scarcity.

Drinking water shortage has affected both human and cattle heads. Therefore, Mr. Vinayagamoorthy has appealed to the Chief Minister to release water from the tank, at least for two days, to fill up the ponds.


As on Monday Cuddalore district received a rainfall of 411.90 as against the average of 19.61mm. for the season. Annamalai Nagar recorded the highest rainfall of 51mm followed by Chidambaram and Kothavacheri — 49mm each, Vriddhachalam — 48.30mm, Kattumannarkoil — 46mm, Lalpet — 36mm, Bhuvanagiri — 28mm, Sethiathope — 24.20mm, Parangipettai — 24mm, Cuddalore — 16.40mm and Sri Mushnam — 15mm.

In Villupuram district Tindivanam recorded highest rainfall for the day of 40mm followed by Marakkanam — 20mm, Vanur — 19mm, Ulundurpet — 11mm and Villupuram — 3mm.