Salaries pending for several months, say employees

The office-bearers of Organised Anglo-French Mills Employees Federation on Wednesday submitted a memorandum to the Lieutenant Governor Virendra Kataria urging his intervention in ensuring the smooth functioning of the mill.

According to them, the AFT Mill has not been functioning for months now. “Though the present chairman of mill fixed dates for reopening on several occasions, it is very unfortunate that the mill has not started its functioning. At the same time the machinery is being sold for vast sums. Such sale proceeds are not transparent”, they said in their memorandum.

According to the memorandum, the salaries to the workers have been pending for several months and no service benefits have been extended to the retired workers. As a result, the workers have been facing several difficulties for three years. The workers are unable to pay for their wards’ education expenses. When the workers conducted a stir, they were subjected to victimisation, said G. Muthamizhan, general secretary of the Organised AFT Mills Employees Federation.

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