Corporates and philanthropists provide facilities such as playground, park, library and LCD projector to rural school

How often would students at the government-run primary school in Andiarpalayam have marvelled at some of the facilities available in other schools! How intensely would they have aspired for a playground, a library and a recreation room in their school!

Such miracles happen only in fairytales or in a movie, they would have told themselves and resigned themselves to life in a village which has no hospital or public transport - the children walk about three km to school.

Now, thanks to the school alumni, a few corporates and large-hearted philanthropists joining hands to give the school a much-needed upgrade, the 80 children are living their dream. The facilities that have been provided in this rural school include a playground, a park, a library, an LCD projector and even a room for ping pong.

The primary school has a more or less equal proportion of boys and girls from LKG through to Standard V.

“We launched a sponsorship drive to give the school a facelift as we realised that we cannot depend on the government for each and every thing. I am happy to say that the facilities and ambience here are on a par with a posh convent school,” said Badsha, a teacher at the school and one of the organisers for the whole effort. Most of the donations came in kind, school authorities said.

“We hope that what was achieved in this school inspires other less privileged institutions,” said Meenakshi Sundaram, deputy inspector of schools.

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