Over 1810 EVMs are stored at Bharathidasan Government College for Women

On Friday, District Election Officer S.B. Deepak Kumar supervised the candidate setting preservation on the Electronic Voting Machine.

On Thursday, all the EVMs needed for the elections arrived in Puducherry.

A total of 1810 EVMs which were needed for voting and an additional 10 per cent for Puducherry and 30 per cent for Mahe and Yanam were ordered.

These machines were stored overnight in the strong room at Bharathidasan Government College for Women.


On Friday, the Department started entering the settings for the various candidates who are standing and the ballot papers were fed into the machine under the supervision of the District Election Officer and the various candidates.

So far, the settings for half the machines have been completed, an official said.

The remaining machines will be programmed on April 15, he said.

Paid holiday

In the meanwhile, April 24 has been declared as a paid holiday for all employees and casual workers employed in factories, industries, catering, shops and other establishments.

Even persons who would not ordinarily have worked on the day should received full wages, the gazette notification states.


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