Tourism Department has a Rs. 5-crore budget to come up with various improvements

Ask anyone what the best part about a visit to Puducherry is and chances are that they will mention the Chunnambar boathouse, with the clear blue waters and pristine sands on Paradise Beach coupled with snacks and thatched enclosures that make for a perfect afternoon or evening by the beach. What they will also probably mention is to avoid it on weekends and holidays as the wait to get a boat is long.

Now, there is no reason to avoid a visit to the Paradise Beach, with the Tourism Department buying seven new boats, including four speed boats, two river cruise boats and one pleasure boat. These boats will help reduce the wait time.

With this addition, there are now a total of over 50 boats at the boathouse, which will help increase the revenue by 20 per cent, an official from the tourism department said.

More plans

The plans to improve the beach resort do not end here. The Department has a Rs. 5 crore budget to come up with various improvements to both the boathouse and the infrastructure on the beach.

This money will be used to add another seven rooms for guests to stay in and also introduce dormitories in the place where the Seagulls Restaurant is currently located in the resort.

The restaurant will then be moved closer to the entrance. There will also be additional dining space with open air seating.

On both the island and the mainland, there will be permanent jetties, which will help with the traffic as well. There will also be some landscaping and permanent walkway provided.

On the island, the Department plans to establish an eco friendly kitchen and a dining area, to serve the guests that come there. The fleet of boats that were acquired were part of an order, for 30 boats, that were placed by the Department last year.

Of the 30 boats, they will also be getting some battery operated boats that will be used in the Oussudu Lake.

As far as the lake is concerned, they have floated tenders to repair the jetty and also to provide seating along the banks of the lake that will let the people enjoy their evenings, he said.

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