Rental owners racing ahead with steps before LS polls

After years of operating two-wheeler businesses without official permits from the Transport Department, Two-Wheeler Rental Owner’s Association has now decided to come up with the necessary infrastructure to receive approval from the department before the Lok Sabha polls.

Once the moral code of conduct comes into place, the department will not be able to approve any kind of proposal.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, two-wheeler rentals will be allowed only when they fulfil certain conditions and make provisions like a reception area, telephone connection, parking facility, foreign exchange counter and toilet facilities. Even in 2008, the rental owners paid Rs. 500 per vehicle to the Transport Department for regularisation. But, since they did not have the infrastructure required, permit process did not move forward, one of the owners said. They have now formed an association with 30 members, hoping to get their business regularised before the Lok Sabha polls.

“Every year, there is some action by the RTO. But, after a certain point of time, they lose steam and our business continues as usual. As there is no regularisation, there are several people who are renting out bikes without proper papers. Around 16 people in the association already have two-wheeler businesses, and the others are planning to start it if the business is regularised,” one of the owners said.

As the rentals are termed “illegal,” owners face several problems and are more than willing to have the business regularised, he added.

Apart from tourists, there are several medical and pharmaceutical representatives who come here every week and need the rentals.

With the department not recognising the rentals, several small-time operators including hotel room boys, rent out their motorcycles. Many of these persons do not have proper documents for their two-wheelers. The Association has planned to approach the department with a proposal to regularise the rental system, he added.

In the past one week, the Transport Department has been taking strict action against the rentals. It has impounded around 15 bikes and started inspections to see if these rental agents have proper documents.

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