Quotations from “Savitri” accentuate the exhibits

Nature is his canvas.

From the peaks of the Himalayas to the birds of Vedanthangal, the trees and elephants of Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary, the animals of Topslip, this ophthalmologist has captured nature’s beauty with his digital camera.

Those who know Susil Pani will know that he does not talk much but lets others do the talking.

He rather chooses to communicate through his lens.

Visitors at his exhibition ‘Humanity’s tryst with Nature,’ which opened at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Exhibition Hall on Friday, were drawn to each of the 172 photographs.

“These are photos that I took in 2010 during trips to Rohtang pass, Parambikulam, Anamalai, Topslip and Vedanthangal. These were very short trips and since I could only spare a day or two I ensured that I captured as much as I could,” explained Dr. Pani.

For instance one picture which shows tall trees and a mountain in the exhibition was clicked just minutes before fog closed in.

Photos of waterfalls and water in all its states –a gushing waterfall, a swirling rapid, soft bubbles, water flowing softly, a man riding a wave – cover at entire wall at the exhibition, which is open till March 23.

Among the wonders that he has captured are the Kannimaram (big teak) of the Parambikulam forest, clouds on a rainy evening in Puducherry, solitary birds in motion with nothing but the sky over their heads at Vedanthangal, the Indian giant Squirrel that rests during the day and a baby elephant waiting for its ball of rice.

Apart from Nature, the photographer has also included the expressions of human emotions in a separate section.

“I have tried to capture the moods of some children and my own family and friends,” he said.

The highlight is all the photo captions are quotations taken from Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem ‘Savitri’ that have been put up by his friend Rabindranath Das.

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