Industrialist seeks recording of statements of nine persons

The Mumbai police are likely to call industrialist Ness Wadia for questioning in the next two days in a case filed by his former girlfriend and actress Preity Zinta.

Ms. Zinta had lodged a complaint on June 12 accusing Mr. Wadia of molestation and intimidation at the Wankhede stadium on May 30.

Mr. Wadia sent a letter to the police on Wednesday suggesting the names of nine persons, who he claims were present at the stadium where the incident occurred, and requested the police to record their statements.

“We believe these persons would be able to provide independent and truthful facts about the events that took place at the stadium on that evening with regard to the false complaint filed by Preity Zinta against me,” the letter said.

A senior police officer privy to the investigation told The Hindu that the statements of both Ness and his friends would be recorded in due course.

Preity’s Facebook post

Ms. Zinta, meanwhile, wrote on Facebook that money was not the motive behind filing the complaint.

“Is this done for MONEY? IPL was my project from the start and for the record not only did i pay for myself (5 crores) when I got into the IPL (bid) I paid for Ness too! 5 crores! (Proof of my financial commitment in the IPL is with the BCCI.) To be fair to him he did pay me back a couple of months later (without any premium) so Hope the money theory is put to end once and for all. I have never taken ANYTHING from anyone now or ever in the past as I have a lot of self respect and pride myself for being self made and not motivated by other people’s money,” the actress wrote.

Ms. Zinta also dismissed suggestions that her complaint was a publicity stunt or an act of jealousy. “Is this done for PUBLICITY? I have been in this film industry since 1998 and have been part of the biggest blockbusters in the past. From Best actress awards to a bravery award i have won them all so please give me a break! I don’t need publicity, specially cheap publicity,” she wrote.