A special TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act) court in Mumbai slammed the Navi Mumbai police on Wednesday while hearing gangster Abu Salem's application opposing handcuffing him in the court premises and en route to court. “Do you think he will flee amid so much security? Inform them (the police) not to handcuff him till I decide on the application,” G. A. Sanap, Judge, TADA court, told the prosecutor.

He also pulled up the police for not co-operating with the trial. “Let me work freely on the merits of the matter. Don't create any problems in the trial. Don't multiply the issues. This isn't a simple litigation,” he said.

The judge questioned the intelligence report which allegedly prompted the police action. He asked the police why intelligence on such crucial aspects was not in writing.

The prosecution argued that Mr.Salem had been absconding for seven years. “The decision should be taken on person-to-person basis. The only consideration is the propensity,” the prosecutor argued.

The Navi Mumbai Police started handcuffing Mr.Salem while producing him before the TADA court in Mumbai from Taloja prison, on the grounds that he may attempt to flee. The police claimed they feared an attack on the escort party too.

“You have said in your affidavit that he will flee from the escort if he gets an opportunity. Why should you give him the opportunity?” Justice Sanap asked. He said that the police are free to approach him while taking Mr.Salem anywhere outside Mumbai. He directed the police not to handcuff him till he passes a judgement after going into the merits of the case.

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