Two-year-old Arjun was recently inducted into the elite City Security Wing (CSW) after successfully passing through a rigorous training programme at the Intelligence Security Wing’s training centre. His task -- sniffing out drugs.

The brown Labrador went through the defined process of how to trace drugs and other psychotropic substances during police raids as peddlers hide drugs in an ingenious fashion. The accused are known to stuff drugs in pillows and mattresses.

The canine was brought to the training centre at Moinabad in adjoining Ranga Reddy when it was just nine-months-old.

He was taken through extensive training, sniffing out samples of narcotic substances for 18 months before being inducted into the CSW, says Bomb Squad Inspector Ch. Nagasai. Presently, the trainers at CSW are training him on how to sniff out drugs stashed in public places. “We are now taking him to railway and bus stations to find traces of ganja as peddlers smuggle it in buses and trains,” he explains.

Senior officials say they decided to use a trained canine to trace out drugs after a series of related cases were reported here. Investigations revealed that some anti-social elements, including foreign nationals, were selling narcotics to youth from influential families. “We noticed that youth from African countries were here on a student/tourist visa and selling cocaine at pubs, restaurants, hookah centres and star hotels,” another official says.

He says Arjun’s induction into the existing team of 33 sniffer dogs would strengthen the CSW. These sniffer dogs help greatly in sanitising public places for explosives too. Its namesake, Arjun, a tracker dog for CID has been providing vital clues that helped solve 15 gruesome cases.

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