Visual proof is passed on to officers, making further action easier

Targeting the tech-savvy youth, the Motor Vehicle Department in the city has started giving more attention to complaints that land on its newly created account in WhatsApp instant messenger service. Officials say that youngsters who spend a lot of time in virtual space are responding warmly to the information exchange service.

So far, legal action has been taken against 20 persons based on the complaints received through the official WhatsApp account of the MVD in Kozhikode city. The action was taken within three months after the formal activation of the service with the mobile number-8547639011. The account is directly monitored by the Kozhikode Regional Transport Officer and action is taken immediately after verifying the authenticity of the complaint.

“Interestingly, on WhatsApp we get the complaints with all the necessary proof to take action against violators. An average of six complaints land on our chat window every week,” says Regional Transport Officer (Kozhikode) Rajiv Puthalath.

The State-level WhatsApp network links all RT offices in Kerala and helps officials exchange files and check follow-up measures.

WhatsApp users can make use of any of the MVD numbers in Kerala.

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