Next on list is welfare of SC/ST communities

The district panchayat budget presented here on Saturday has made the highest allocation of fund for the development of basic infrastructure.

Of the total Rs.115.16 crore revenue expected during the 2013-14 financial year, Rs.37.66 crore will be utilised for completing various public works including the construction and maintenance of rural roads and the completion of major electrification works.

The development of Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities comes second followed by the education sector. For initiating various welfare programmes for the SCs, the panchayat will earmark Rs.11.46 crore.

In the educational sector, Rs.11.01 crore will be invested for new learning improvement projects, renovation of selected school buildings, and innovative training programmes.

For overall growth

For the overall growth of agriculture and allied sectors, Rs.5.93 crore will be earmarked.

In the animal husbandry and dairy sector, the allocation is Rs.2.69 crore.

The highest priority in the agriculture sector has been given for the modernisation of four agriculture farms under the district panchayat located at Koothaly, Perambra, Puthuppady, and Thikkodi. A total sum of Rs.3 crore will be utilised for the modernisation process.

Development of kole land is also going to get a boost with a total allocation of Rs.2 crore. It will be part of a continuing project of the district panchayat to increase the paddy cultivation.

Coconut farmers

Coconut farmers have reasons to cheer in this budget presented by district panchayat Vice President R. Sasi, as it has made a special allocation of Rs.15 lakh to conduct a pilot study on the scope of producing ‘Neera’ with the support of the cooperative societies.

For the supply of quality coconut saplings, a separate allocation of Rs.5 lakh has also been made in the budget.

Animal husbandry

In the animal husbandry and dairy sector, the highest allocation of Rs.70 lakh is made for the development of a poultry farm at Chathamangalam and the development of laboratory facilities and training centres in the sector.

The dairy village project, already initiated by the panchayat, will be extended this year with a separate fund of Rs.50 lakh.

For setting up hi-tech dairy farms at Koothadi and Puthuppadi, the panchayat has set aside Rs.10 lakh.

In addition to this, a separate fund of Rs.15 lakh has been allocated to support goat and chicken farming in grama panchayats.

In the small scale industrial sector, the district panchayat aims to spend Rs.2.15 crore, of which a major portion will be spent for the development of small industrial ventures at the taluk level. Rs.50 lakh will be invested for the cause. Nallalam industrial estate will get Rs.45 lakh during the coming financial year for the extension of small industrial ventures.

The health sector will get a total aid of Rs.2.07 crore.

A major portion of this fund will be spent for the development of infrastructure at the District Ayurveda Hospital.

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