Its just one island and a thousand facets. ‘Thuruthu’, an exhibition of photographs by Selvan Meloor,captures the different moods of the Dharmadam Thuruthu, a small island just 100 metres away from Dharmadam in Kannur district.

It is a wonder how the image of the island, which is covered with coconut groves and different types of trees, change with the changes in season, time, and the moods of the sea.

Through a series of 40 photographs, Mr. Meloor has given a character to the fascinating island, which bears witness to all nature’s activities on Dharmadam beach. Here, we have the island offering shelter to different kinds of birds at dusk.

The island looks different from different angles be it through the fishing net, from near a fishing boat, or through a fish basket. It also looks different at sunrise and at sunset.

Then there are the times when grey or white clouds silhouette the beach as the moon begins to softly shine just as when the sun starts to set. The picture presented here is just fascinating.

People come from far and wide to watch the island that adorns the Kannur coast like a gem.

Be it foreign tourists or the locals, the island plays a pretty backdrop for the pictures that they take home as sweet memories.

For the morning walkers on the beach, for the ravens that come to eat the rice offerings, and for the children playing football in the marshy beach, the island is like a habit they have imbibed.

The island is well nurtured by the sea, which gives the Thuruthu part of its calmness and turbulence.

The water level in the small ponds in the island fluctuates with the tides in the sea.

The rocks that outline the island stand firm, as sentinels guarding the island. All these features and moods are well captured in the pictures at the exhibition.

The exhibition kicked off on Saturday in the presence of writers U.A. Khader, P.K. Gopi, MLA A. Pradeep Kumar and artists Madanam and Francis Kodankandath. It will conclude on April 18.

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