The Regional Science Centre (RSC), on Saturday, introduced a High Definition (HD) 3D system with 5.1-channel sound effect to pep up its planetarium shows at the modernised 3D Theatre. The new facility, offering unparallel visual clarity and crystal-clear sound, comes as part of a Rs.20-lakh project taken up by the Centre to attract more youngsters to science and kindle a new learning experience.

M. Abdul Salam, Vice-Chancellor of Calicut University, inaugurated the formal screening programme with the new 3D system. M. Anandaraj, Director of the Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), Kozhikode, presided.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Salam said earlier children confined themselves to small classroom lectures and managed to understand Space in a humble way. “Now that situation has completely changed and our children are fortunate to see Space right in front of their eyes through modern planetarium shows,” he observed.

RSC officials said the new HD 3D system would offer visual and sound experience on a par with a modern multiplex cinema theatre.

“Circular Polarization — one of the advanced technologies of the era — makes it possible for the viewers to avoid all chances of incorrect parallax and helps the brain to correctly blend the stereoscopic image, they explained.

In the next phase, the existing seating arrangements would be refurbished. A proposal in this regard would be approved in the next fiscal according to Planetarium officials. “Currently, we offer two 3D films — Dinosaur Theme Park and Animal Vision — for the visitors. Both these shows offer 20-minute infotainment,” said K.M. Sunil, Education Officer at RSC. He said chances were high for introducing newer 3D shows in the offing.

RSC project coordinator V.S. Ramachandran and Swami Adwaithananda Saraswathy from Sambodh Foundation were present.

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