The high-tech farming introduced by the children of Islahiya Oriental Higher Secondary School, Edavanna, has begun to attract visitors.

There is a steady flow of students and teachers from other schools to Islahiya OHSS’s poly-house, called their “Green Home” by the Islahiya students.

For mid-day meal

“This is because it gives us toxin-free vegetables,” says V.P. Ali Akbar, coordinator of the project. The open ventilated poly-house yield vegetables throughout the year. The vegetables produced from the poly-house are used for the mid-day meal given to the children at the school. The project is being jointly supervised by the Oisca Love Green Club, the Krishi Bhavan of Edavanna, and the school management.

Apart from vegetables such as capsicum, brinjal, tomato and chillies, cold season vegetables such as like cabbage and cauliflower are also cultivated at the poly-house.

The students are using their vacation to collect vegetable seeds having high yield. They have many people, including those from the Agriculture Department, to help them in their green effort.

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