Pilot project under way in 2 gramapanchayats

The district panchayat in association with the medical fraternity will implement a new scheme, ‘Spandanam,’ to support children with various learning disabilities.

The scheme, aimed at screening children with learning disabilities in the first phase and offering them proper support, will be implemented this financial year with the help of a trained workforce. A. Pradeepkumar, MLA, will formally inaugurate the first training programme for the resource persons on May 19.

District panchayat president K. Jameela said a pilot project was already on in two grama panchayats in the district to screen children with learning disabilities.

“With the expansion of the scheme, we will be able to prepare a comprehensive list of all such candidates and offer them the required medical and educational support,” she said.

The district panchayat also plans exclusive camps for such children and their parents to create better awareness among them. This will be in addition to the project already taken up to extend care and support to autistic children.

As per the district panchayat records, 175 such children are now getting the benefit of the schemes.

Along with the district panchayat fund, the grama panchayats too have been asked to set apart a special fund for caring children with learning disabilities.

Early detection will be the main focus area where each panchayat has been asked to contribute their part and take voluntary intervention programmes.

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