Responsibility of safeguarding the water body to be given to local panchayats.

The Centre for Water Resources and Development (CWRDM) on Thursday launched the Mampuzha Revival Scheme to regenerate the dying river by conducting a comprehensive survey and give the primary responsibility of safeguarding the water body to the local panchayats.

The CWRDM has roped in Olavanna, Perumanna, and Peruvayal panchayats, along which the major portions of river flows, to provide assistance by monitoring and supplying the manpower to keep the river clean.

As per the scheme, the river and its banks will be divided among the panchayats.

CWRDM scientist Dr. Madhavan Komath said students living along the banks of the river, residents’ associations, and social groups would be distributed with ‘water cards’, giving them the authority to conduct awareness classes and ‘keep an eye on the river.’

Efforts to control waste disposal along the river banks through e-toilets and pipe composts will be part of the scheme, which also suggests providing the river with a natural cover of medicinal plants and bamboo.

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