Long queues of vehicles are a given at Malaparamba and Eranhipalam junctions in the city.

Junctions at Malaparamba and Eranhipalam in the city are causing much hardship to motorists.

Road users have a daunting task taking free left turns at both these junctions. Some motorists refuse to comply with rules, resulting in inordinate traffic delays. This happens even when the junctions have signboards indicating a free left turn.

Long queues of vehicles can be seen on Wayanad Road (National Highway 212) at the Malaparamba junction even during non-peak hours. Occasionally, the vehicular queue on the road leading to Vellimadukunnu extends to Paroppady and on the Eranhipalam side, till the IQRAA hospital.

The intersection at the Malaparamba- Kozhikode bypass is so narrow that even two-wheelers cannot take the free left turn. Motorists proceeding straight towards Eranhipalam or deviating to the right, towards Pooladikunnu, block the free left turn at the junction when the traffic signal is red. As such, vehicles have to wait up to 90 seconds till the signal turns green and sometimes wait for a second turn, if they are at the end of the queue.

Ambulances and fire fighters have a harrowing time crossing the junction to reach the Government Medical College, Kozhikode. Adding to the chaos is the vehicles taking a left turn from the Florican Road to Wayanad Road. Fortunately, the traffic police have restricted vehicles from taking a right turn from Wayanad Road to Florican Road and vice-versa.

Narrow stretches

Similar is the case on the other side of the road at Malaparamba junction. Vehicles coming from Eranhipalam and going towards the Providence Women’s College or Pooladikunnu have to wait for a green signal. The temporary solution is to widen the road on both sides of the junction, thereby allowing vehicles easy movement of free left turn.

Confusion prevails at Eranhipalam junction, a few km from Malaparamba. The traffic congestion is more severe as the free left turns at the intersection on Mini Bypass Road on both sides of the junction are narrow. This apart, the road tapers at the junction on the four-lane Arayadathupalam-Eranhipalam road.

Vehicles have a smooth ride on the 2.9-km track from Arayadathupalam but those intending to take a left turn towards East Nadakkavu will have to wait till the signal turns green at Eranhipalam.

Vehicles coming from the opposite side — Karaparamba side to Eranhipalam — face a similar situation. Autorickshaws and two-wheelers coming from the Karikkamkulam side usually take the alternative route from Karaparamba along the Canolly canal to Eranhipalam.

Land acquired

More than a year ago, revenue officials hastily acquired land for widening the Karaparamba- Eranhipalam road. But till now no construction has begun. One of the reasons cited is the laying of pipes for the Japan-aided drinking water project and for sewerage network of the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project. The chaos at the junction can be addressed at least temporarily if the authorities remove the stones and shrubs at the Eranhipalam-Karaparamba road junction.

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