Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Executive Committee member P.S. Sreedharan Pillai demanded an inquiry into the reason behind Kerala government sponsoring the ‘Thinkfest’ in Goa, during which Tehelka editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal allegedly sexually harassed his employee.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, Mr. Pillai said Thinkworks, a company largely owned by Mr. Tejpal, was only in its beginning stages. Kerala government’s Department of Tourism ended up as one of the two sponsors of the hugely funded programme. It should be noted that most States were reluctant to sponsor the festival as the organisers lacked experience. However, the government of Kerala, which was in dire straits, did not find any problem in investing crores of rupees in the festival, Mr. Pillai said.

He alleged that the reasons behind the sponsorship were questionable and hinted at violation of many laws and norms. He said the role of State and Central Ministers in the issue should be investigated. The Kerala government had a responsibility to explain its association with the Thinkworks and the sponsorship of ‘Thinkfest.’ The government should order a detailed inquiry into the issue, Mr. Pillai said.

Mr. Pillai demanded that the Left parties and Islamic organisations of Kerala publicly apologise to the RSS for terming it a communal terror force, in the backdrop of journalist Aziz Burney going back from his allegations in his book.

“The Leftist and Islamic forces in Kerala were running a campaign against the RSS based on the allegations made by Mr. Burney in his book ‘RSS Conspiracy.’ However, after the Mumbai terror attack, it was revealed that the ISI and the Pak Army had sent the attackers with Hindu names and disguises. Following this, Mr. Burney had called back his allegations and apologised to the RSS. But the Leftists and Islamic parties in Kerala still label the RSS communal terrorists, which is quite offending. They should apologise,” Mr. Pillai said.

Mr. Pillai also said that the Communist Party of India (Marxist) should demand that all party workers working in various temple or church committees in the State resign from such forums if they respected the decisions made in the Coimbatore Party Congress. He alleged that the plenum held in Palakkad was an eyewash and opportunistic exercise. The CPI(M) was exploiting the common man through their divide-and-rule policy, he said.

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