There is need to probe the funding source of various environment organisations in Kerala who campaign for the protection of the Western Ghats, the Malabar Small-scale Quarry Operators’ Coordination Committee has said.

Leaders of the association alleged that such organisations were spearheading a fake campaign against the quarry operators who “work complying with all the standing instructions of the government” in the sector. The attempt would only result in creating two kinds of citizens in the State, they said.

P.C. Abdul Karim, chairman of the Malabar Small-scale Quarry Operators’ Coordination Committee, said in a communication here on Sunday that the environment organisations working in the name of Western Ghats conservation were getting crores of funds from foreign countries, which should be investigated in detail. “We also want to know how these funds are utilised and where does it go,” he demanded.

M.K. Babu, general convener of the coordination committee, said the inquiry into the funding source should be conducted by a national agency.

Need for transperancy

“There should be transparency in the deals of organisations that campaign for the cause of nature,” he demanded.

The coordination committee also flayed the recommendations in the Gadgil and Kasturirangan committee reports, which, according to them, were totally against the privileges assured in the Constitution.

No proper discussions or debates were held in these reports in Parliament or State Legislature before the hasty moves to enforce it on the common man, they said.

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