Potters have appealed to the authorities to prevent the police from interfering with free movement of clay.

The Kaliman Pathra Nirmana Thozhilali Sangham president K.N. Kuttamani said here on Wednesday that the police seizure of clay while being transported to worksites was jeopardising the livelihood of potters.

He also complained that the government was sitting on its promise to allot 15 acres of excess land in Mambram in Palakkad and eight acres in Nilambur for clay mining. Also remaining unfulfilled was the promise to include potters in the purview of debt relief programme. The order on pension had not been issued.

The government had sanctioned Rs.1 crore for the Potters Marketing Corporation 15 months ago. But the board that should manage the corporation had not been constituted.

The union would organise a demonstration in front of the Secretariat on July 15 to highlight the issues, Mr. Kuttamani said.

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