Expenditure ombudsmen empowered by Election Commission to monitor election expenditure of candidates contesting Lok Sabha elections would be in Kozhikode on Saturday.

The team comprises two officers of Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and 13 assistant observers . They would be in the district until the elections are over, to see if election–related expenditure exceeded permitted limits and if any attempts was being made to influence voters by unfair means.

Processions, public meetings and other shows of strength would be videographed to assess expenditure involved. As many as 13 flying squads would remain alert to detect attempts to influence voters by liquor or money. Besides a police official, an executive magistrate and four armed civil police officers would be on each flying squad.

Bank transactions would also be monitored.

Production and marketing of liquor would be monitored during the period of the election.

Complaints from the public regarding excessive spending on election campaign could be made to a complaint cell that would shortly start functioning at the Collectorate.

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