This journey is not a pleasure trip for Sujan Govind Kamat and Vishal Bhalchandra Kasalkar from Maharashtra. It is their protest against corruption in the country.

The duo from Kanakavali village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra has been travelling down south from their State since November 7 with this message, as they believe that everybody should do their bit for a better tomorrow.

Kamat, a middle-aged building contractor had a social worker in him from a very young age. When he decided to take up this mission, his young friend Kasalkar volunteered to join and here they were in Kozhikode on Tuesday on two bicycles, spreading their message against corruption.

They are on their way to Kochi. After covering South India, they plan to head back to the north and finally end their journey in New Delhi. Kamat is apprehensive about going to Kashmir for the State’s terrain.

He says he will think about taking up that challenge after reaching Delhi. Kamat is bearing the expenses and says it cost him around Rs.1,000 a day for food and accommodation.

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