The maintenance work going on at the Government Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode, has been causing much inconvenience to patients.

The operation theatres on the second floor were closed down on December 14 and the wards are being repaired one at a time. The patients in those wards where maintenance work is going on are being accommodated in nearby wards. Some patients are forced to stay in the corridors, triggering much protest from the patients and bystanders.

Dusty corridors

The corridors are full of dust as a result of the repair work in ward number 17 and many complain of infections. Some patients were seen wearing masks to ward off the dust. Principal of the Medical College C. Ravindran said the doctors and other staff members were directed to accommodate the patients in the available wards.

But despite their best efforts, there were still some in the corridors, he said. The wards would be repaired at a cost of Rs.5 crore and the work would be completed in four months, Dr. Ravindran added.

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