Traders and taxi drivers vehemently oppose one-way traffic in important city roads, curbs on wayside vending

The traffic police officers, who held a meeting with the representatives of various associations on Saturday to check their feedback on the one-way traffic introduced in three important city roads, were caught in the middle of arguments. While traders and taxi drivers vehemently opposed the reforms, some other participants welcomed them saying that the new arrangements would be beneficial to the city in the long run.

Assistant Commissioner of Traffic (North) Abdul Razak chaired the meeting. Merchants and taxi drivers called for revoking the new arrangements.

What aggravated most of them was the ban on unauthorised parking on some city roads, enforcement of one-way traffic on most-frequented roads and curbs on wayside vending.

The meeting was held at the police club and lasted for nearly one-and-a-half hours. Over 75 persons, representing various civic forums, trade unions, merchants’ organisations and residents’ associations took part.

The main argument put forth by the traders, especially those on the Melepalayam road, was that the sudden ban on wayside parking would affect the flow of customers to their outlets.

However, the police officers said that those coming for shopping would be allowed to park their vehicles during their purchasing time. People leaving their vehicles on the roadside for hours was the main issue, they said.

The demand of the two-wheeler riders’ association representatives to exclude motorcycle riders from the one-way regulation was rejected by the police officers.

P.K. Nasar, former Corporation Councillor, who attended the meeting said that the police had not held any public discussion prior to the implementation of the reforms.

New suggestions

The police officers who attended the meeting said that good suggestions made by the representatives of various associations regarding the introduction of one-way traffic on railway station road, Palayam-Pushpa junction stretch of Kallayi road and Collector’s road would be taken seriously and forwarded to the City Police Commissioner for his consideration.

They also maintained that one-way traffic was introduced on the three routes as a trial run and would be finalised only after hearing all the public concerns.

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