12 regional service centres had been shut down in various parts of the district.

As part of expanding various e-services to the urban and rural areas, the district Akshaya centre will resume the functioning of 12 regional service centres which shut down in various parts of the district. With this, there will be 175 Akshaya centres in Kozhikode.

M. Firoz, Akshaya district coordinator, said: “The expansion is part of introducing more online services through Akshaya centres and taking its benefits directly to the people.” The final list of entrepreneurs is almost ready with the department for the reopening and the centres will start functioning in three months, he added.

Though there were over 180 Akshaya centres functional in the district during the launch of the Akshaya project, many of them had been closed down by entrepreneurs citing “poor returns” and “poor response” from customers.

However, Akshaya officials point out that the situation has changed with the introduction of newer online services and people’s dependency on those services.

According to Mr. Firoz, Akshaya is all set to embark on two more new ventures – one in the insurance sector and the other in banking – for attracting new entrepreneurs and to cater to a wider population.

With the introduction of these services, people will be able to renew their insurance polices and open a bank account through Akshaya centres, he added.

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